Six Point Plan – 2015

In April 2015 the IPU launched it’s Six Point Plan for the future of the Post Office Network. The key elements of the plan were:

  1. Recognise the Post Office Network as a National Asset and ensure its future by making it the provider of choice and the front office for all Government services such as Motor Tax, Hospital Charges, Local Authority Payments etc.
  1. Secure the role of Post Offices in delivering Department of Social Protection (DSP) payments either through cash and / or direct electronic payment and maintain the existing rates.
  1. Provide funding for a Standard Bank Account through the Post Office Network to ensure financial inclusion for all.
  1. Quantify the social role which Post Offices provide and the onus on the State to provide equality for citizens under Article 45 of the Constitution.
  1. Instruct An Post to immediately cease any action, in relation to Post & Pay, which could be construed as establishing an alternative Network.
  1. Carry out a comprehensive commercial review of the Network to ensure viability for the foreseeable future (5-7 Years).


The full content of the IPU Six Point Plan can be read here.