Postal Services


If cost is your main concern, choose Standard Post offering you cost effective worldwide delivery.


If security is your main concern, choose Registered Post offering you the securest delivery available.


If your item is urgent, Courier Post is for you. Courier Post guarantees next working day delivery before 12.00 noon (in major urban areas within the Republic of Ireland) and day-certain worldwide delivery.

If next-day delivery (but not time-certain) is required, choose Express Post. Express Post offers a guaranteed next working day delivery within the Republic of Ireland, with optional signature and insurance available for a small fee.

Express Post International offers a fast and reliable delivery service for letters or packets to 15 international destinations.

If you require a reliable international parcel delivery service (but not day-certain), then Priority Parcel International is the service for you. Priority Parcel International offers reliable delivery times to 15 international destinations with proof of delivery and inclusive transit liability.

Managing your mail

Are you on the move? Choose our Redirection service to ensure your mail moves with you.

Going on holiday? Don’t let your mail become a welcome mat for burglars, use our MailMinder service.

Separate your business and domestic mail by applying for a PO Box, giving you a separate and permanent mailing address.

We also offer a Ceadúnas licence.

Need to track your parcel or packet? Just click on the following link: