Postmasters call for Post Offices to become ‘the State on your Doorstep’

2 October 2016: Postmasters seek to become Peace Commissioners Postmasters have set out a vision for Post Offices to become ‘The State on your Doorstep’, including all Postmasters automatically becoming Peace Commissioners. In a new statement setting out their vision for the future, Postmasters want Post Offices to be the go to place for payment, application, […]

Postmasters plan to take a more ‘radical approach’ to save Post Office

11 Sept 2016. Lack of Government commitment failing communities and rural Ireland Postmasters are to take a ‘more radical approach’ to demand Government action to secure the future of the Post Office Network. The Irish Postmasters’ Union (IPU) Executive and Branch Officers held an emergency meeting this weekend (Saturday) to consider what course Postmasters will […]

IPU ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Postmasters call for progress on Post Offices in ‘first 100 days’ of government

13 May 2016. Postmasters have called for urgent progress on Post Offices in the ‘first 100 days’ of the new government, ahead of their Annual Conference in Athlone this weekend. Postmasters called for the Bobby Kerr led Five Year Strategy, the piloting of ‘Service Hub’ Post Offices and Motor Tax payments to be readied for […]

IRISH EXAMINER Opinion Editorial – Post offices play key role in society

15 April 2016. Published in the Irish Examiner as an Opinion Editorial. We have to recognise the value of post offices to the country’s social and economic infrastructure, according to IPU general secretary Ned O’Hara POSTMASTERS protested at the Department of Social Protection yesterday over the latest in an ongoing series of attempts by the department […]

Postmasters Claim Department of Social Protection is Trying ‘To Shut Them Down’

14 April 2016.  Postmasters’ Executive staged a protest outside the Department of Social Protection today, accusing the Department of deliberately trying to ‘shut them down’. The Irish Postmasters’ Union (IPU) said the Department is systematically transferring Post Office business to the private banks – and called on Minister Burton to immediately cease and reverse this […]

Postmasters call for cross-party and cross-candidate commitment to Post Office Plan

February 14, 2016. Postmasters have called for cross-party and cross-candidate commitment to progressing the Bobby Kerr Report on the future of Post Offices, in their General Election 2016 Manifesto. The Irish Postmasters’ Union (IPU) has called on all Political Groups and Candidates to ensure that the Irish Post Office Network has a strong economic and […]